The Rise & Colorful Fall of DeSaturo

On October 21 at IMMERSE 2017, the Color Force is calling on families across Orlando to join in the adventure to stop Desaturo’s menacing desaturation of our world. Participating families will embark on a mission to restore color as they journey through four interactive art exhibits, strategically stationed across the IMMERSE event. Families will role-play, collaborate, problem solve, and learn to defeat Desaturo together.



Barbershop Talk

Barbershops are natural places of learning throughout our city. In Barbershop Talk we accentuate this fact by hosting a live playlist that blends non-violent communication curriculum with vocational training in hair styling - all while in a real barbershop.



Drone Demonstration

On April 6, 2016, Playground City hosted a demonstration event that exposed 30 local education stakeholders to the ideas and possibilities of a city-wide learning environment. Utilizing education facilities located in our downtown, connected by transit, we moved through our city learning new skills, in this case, the skills to safely fly a drone.