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Drone Demonstration Success

ORLANDO 06.APR.2016 | PLAYGROUND CITY hosts their first demonstration to show the world that our city is really just a big 'ole classroom, full of fun and adventurous opportunities to learn! What started off as a typical Wednesday in Orlando - rush hour traffic, mouse clicking, awkward conversation in the elevator - suddenly turned into a field day of play as 24 people embarked on a journey to learn how to fly drones. Not only did we learn how to fly drones (from real-life drone professionals), we also investigated the legality of drones (from a real-life drone lawyer) and the moral implications of drones (from real-life actors!). We rode on Lynx Lymmo, Sunrail, and Juice Bicycles to move around our city classroom which gave us opportunities to socialize and exercise (very important for learning). All in all, we realized that there are even more opportunities for education in our City than we previously thought AND that this model of education is a great way to network (social networks are vital to learning). Check out our "playlist" below:


Our journey began in the Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library where we convened around a large conference table to discuss education and the emergence of Playground City. Ferg's provided the nourishment so our discussion was a lively one! We quickly transitioned into our first learning challenge which was to fly Micro Drones in order to gain a basic understanding of how drones work. Nobody poked their eye out, yay!

2. DRONE LAW 101

After a short ride on Lynx Lymmo Orange, we arrived at Lynx Central Station where we met with a local drone lawyer who shared with us a slice of knowledge regarding the ever-evolving legal world of drones.


We hopped the Sunrail southbound and arrived at Ferg's Depot where we met with Living Room Theater (a spectacular local acting group who perform in people's living rooms!) and began our exploration of drone ethics and morals through performing arts. It was a super silly part of our trip but also extremely informative!


Thanks to Juice Orlando Bike Share, we made our way to the final stage of our adventure at the Seneff Arts Plaza. Three local drone professionals greeted us and shared their stories of becoming drone pilots. There is a wild future for work in drones and these guys are pioneering the industry. They let us fly their drones and we were able to capture some great pictures.

It was a very exciting day made possible by some amazing people right here in Orlando. Special thanks goes to:

Jackie and Ray at The Melrose Center

Myles at Lynx


Matt with Experience Orlando

Tiffany, Merissa, and Felice with Paramore Kidz Zone

Ferg's Depot

Ricardo and Chris at IDEAS For Us

Shankia with CANVS

Brandon and Jason with Pneumatic Drones

Bear, Otter, and Dog with Living Room Theater

Hannah Ike

Banjo Bob

Drew with Getaboard Foundation



See you all next time

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