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PGC brings playability to Orlando through Barber Shop Talk event

According to, there are 16 million kids in the United States living in poverty. These children and young people don't get the play they need to be healthy, to stimulate their minds, or to just have fun; thus, the idea of "play everywhere" comes into action.

This call to action brings to life "everyone from individual citizens to community organizations to city leaders." Playground City firmly believes that, for kids to receive the play they need in order to succeed, cities must do more.

We believe that learning happens everywhere, all the time (bus stops, parks, playgrounds, etc.), which is why Playground City teamed up with a local barbershop to host a #BarbershopTalk event. This event focused around helping community youth to learn more about all the aspects of hair styling, combined with teaching the importance of non-violence and self-care. The event was hosted on June 19 at the New Image Youth Center in Parramore. "Hood Professor, Reggie Simmons," shared his skills in hair and also in finding a career of passion, a key pillar of Playground City's vision. Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando joined in to show our youth how pet grooming is similar to self-grooming. We even had the honor of having District 5 Commissioner Hill present to share her personal story of finding success.

You can read more about the importance of Playability here:

and more information about designing PLAYces here:

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